Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

The Wacky Man - Lyn G. Farrell

Beautiful! Fits the book perfectly.

Amanda secludes herself in her bedroom, no longer willing to face the outside world. Gradually, she pieces together the story of her life: her brothers have had to abandon her, her mother scarcely talks to her, and the Wacky Man could return any day to burn the house down. Just like he promised. As her family disintegrates, Amanda hopes for a better future, a way out from the violence and fear that has consumed her childhood. But can she cling to her sanity, before insanity itself is her only means of escape?

My thoughts and opinion:
The book is written from Amandas perspective. She’s a teenager and has already been through a lot. Her parents don’t live a happy marriage and Amanda & her twin brothers had to deal with it. Their father Seamus has beaten them several times while Amanda always has it worse. She’s the „girl“ and therefore gets even more hate from her father.

She soon finds herself visiting a psychologist and talking to her shrink and mirror. Her mother hasn’t taken the marriage well either even more so because her husband left his family and moved back to Ireland. Even though Manda might seem broken she has a lot of people being there for her.

It’s such a beautiful yet dark book that made me feel like I’m actually in the story. It was very emotional and will stay in my memory for quite a while because it was just so realistic. I can’t wait to read more from Lyn G. Farrell.

Thank you so much Legend Press for sending me this book <3

Genre: Novel / Non-Fiction
ISBN:  9781785079559

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