Freitag, 13. Juli 2018

Two by Two - Nicholas Sparks

Beautiful <3

Sometimes the end is just the beginning . . .

Russell Green has it all: a loving family, a successful career and a beautiful house. But underneath his seemingly perfect world, cracks are beginning to appear . . . and no one is more surprised than Russ when the life he took for granted is turned upside down.

Finding himself single-handedly caring for his young daughter, while trying to launch his own business, the only thing Russ knows is that he must shelter his little girl from the consequences of these changes.

As Russ embarks on this daunting and unexpected new chapter of his life, a chance encounter will challenge him to find a happiness beyond anything he could ever have imagined.

My thoughts and opinion:
I didn't even make it past 50 pages. Russ is such a whiny pussy, it's incredible. I hate it when leading characters (male AND female) and crying, throwing a pity party the whole entire time. It's all about Russ, Russ, Russ. And so much monologue. Jesus Christ. Woe is me at its finest. Don't like it, won't read it.

Genre: Novel 
ISBN:  9780751550030

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