Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

Rain falls on everyone - Clar Ni Chonghaile


Theo, a young Rwandan boy fleeing his country's genocide, arrives in Dublin, penniless, alone and afraid. Still haunted by a traumatic memory in which his father committed a murderous act of violence, he struggled to find his place in the foreign city. Plagued by his past, Theo is gradually drawn deeper into the world of Dublin's feared criminal gangs. But a chance encounter in a restaurant with Deirdre offers him a lifeline. But Theo and Deirdre's tender friendship is soon threatened by tragedy. Can they confront their addictions to carve a future out of the catastrophe that engulfs both their lives?

My thoughts and opinion:
This is such an impressive book. I feel like I got to know Theo so well, I could feel is fears, his passion and live his life basically. At first I thought "oh another young boy, having the worst people to look up to and who will throw his life away". But Theo and his story is so much more. Deidre has her own story, her own battles to fight and struggles to overcome. Both of their lives and stories fit so good together.

It was a pleasure to read and can highly recommend it!

Thank you so much Legend Press for sending me this book <3

Genre: Novel
ISBN:  9781785079016

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