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Simple, but so accurate.

When a troubled advertising salesman loses his job, the fragile wall between his public and private personas comes tumbling down. Fleeing his debtors, Adam abandons his family and takes to sleeping rough in a local park, where a fraternity of homeless men befriend him. As the months pass, Adam gradually learns to appreciate the tough new regime, until winter arrives early, threatening to turn his paradise into a nightmare. Starving, exhausted and sick of the constant infighting, Adam decides to return to his family. The men, however, have other plans for him. With time running out, and the stakes raised unbearably high, Adam is forced to question whether any of us can truly escape the wildness within. 

My thoughts and opinion:
There story follows Adam's point of view. He lives with his wife Lydia, their son Flynn and their daughter Olivia. He used to be a successful salesman until he lost his job. He then began gambling and everything got worse. Out of nowhere he decided to leave his family and somehow spends the night in a park. He has severely hurt himself with a broken bottle and someone - later introduced as Rusty - finds him. Rusty is actually living in the park, accompanied by his dog Bruno.

They have a whole community of homeless men. He soon learns that their boss is called Marshall and that he literally handles everything. Food rations, sport, other activities. The longer Adam stays with these men, the more he sees of their true selves: people acting like wild animals who wouldn't even stop at murder.

Will Adam get back to normality again or is he doomed to stay with them forever?

This book is so raw and brutal and I absolutely loved it! What would you do if your life was on the line? Would you go with the group or would you be a sole warrior?

Thank you so much Legend Press for sending me this book <3

Genre: Novel / Non-Fiction
ISBN:  9781785079702

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