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Armadillos - P.K. Lynch

Such a wonderful cover! Fits the story perfectly :)

Aggie is fifteen, a ‘sub’ from a ‘sub’ family, one of Texas’ downtrodden. Her father and brother enact that ‘sub’-ness on her, week in, week out. She has only the vaguest notion that there is something wrong with the abuse she endures and instead dreams of the outside world.
And then one day, Aggie walks out, and like the armadillos that flourish in Texas’ barren landscape, she is a survivor…
In her escape, she gravitates to those who are just as maltreated as her. They offer Aggie the sense of family, albeit a thoroughly dysfunctional one, that she’s been searching for. But when she gets embroiled in a crisis involving stolen money, Aggie soon realises there are some problems you can’t run away from.

My thoughts and opinion:
Aggie is 15 years old and lives with her family (consisting of Pop, Cy, Ash and Jojo) on a sheep farm in a sub of Texas. One day Aggie just runs away from her family, making her way to a group of people who are kind of like her: lonely, lost and without food. To get there Aggie had to go great distances (literally, with all the blisters on her feet), from truck drivers who took her with them along the way, to working in a pizzeria, to basically live on the street.

That's when she met Freak and they started to become good friends. Freak was actually the one who introduced Aggie to the group of people she lived with ever after. Of course there were some fights, abuse and disputes along the way and I can tell you: it's intense. It goes to show as well how quickly you can make friends when you have nothing left to lose.

I think "Armadillos" is a brilliant first novel by P.K. Lynch. Not really what I expected (since I just went with the cover and didn't read the synopsis) but still good! It's definitely not an easy read since you might think about this story for quite a while and also the "plot-twist" was a bit shocking. But I can recommend this to you if you're looking for a book where girl power and friendship is the key!

Thank you so much Legend Press for sending me this book <3

Genre: Novel / Non-Fiction
ISBN:  9781785079603

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