Freitag, 25. August 2017

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Love the colors!

Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration and empowerment from Elizabeth Gilbert’s books for years. Now this beloved author digs deep into her own generative process to share her wisdom and unique perspective about creativity. With profound empathy and radiant generosity, she offers potent insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration. She asks us to embrace our curiosity and let go of needless suffering. She shows us how to tackle what we most love, and how to face down what we most fear. She discusses the attitudes, approaches, and habits we need in order to live our most creative lives. 

My thoughts and opinion:
I honestly don't know how I feel about this book. I liked it, but then again I didn't.

It had some good points that I even marked but the constant name-dropping and "oh a friend of mine here and that one friend there" is ANNOYING AF. 

She also keeps on mentioning her "oh so famous but I didn't really deserve it" book "Eat Pray Love". Look I know you wrote that - it's even on the cover - so please don't repeat that every 2 pages. She keeps on contradicting herself all the time. "Writing is the best thing ever but I don't want you to get too into it because your writing might suck" (kinda like that). What now? I feel like I've read the same chapter over and over again since everything gets repeated at least once. I've read about her love Felipe at least 3 times. In a book with less than 300 pages. 

I really wanted to love this book and a part of me did. But I would not recommend it to anyone really, just save your money.

Genre: Selfhelp
ISBN:  9781594634710

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