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Lily's House - Cassandra Parkin


When Jen goes to her grandmother's house for the last time, she's determined not to dwell on the past. As a child, Jen adored Lily and suspected she might be a witch, but the spell was broken long ago, and now her death means there won't be any reconciliation. Lily's gone, but the enchantments she wove and the secrets she kept still remain. In Lily's house, Jen and her daughter Marianne reluctantly confront the secrets of the past and present—and discover how dangerous we become when we're trying to protect the ones we love.

My thoughts and opinion:
3,5 stars from me!

The ending was really good! I was impressed at how well everything was written and explained. It has some Sci-Fi twist to it which I never expected.

However... there was a lot that pissed me off too...Jen is not the brightest candle on the cake. Daniel is an abusive twat. The constant texting was annoying me (like 2-3 pages just texting back and forth...please). Marianne I actually adored. She's definitely the one with the biggest brain in there.

Like I said the ending - or more likely the last 150 pages - was fantastic. I loved how Jen has some of Lily's blood and can actually tell the future. Overall it was a good book and I would love to read more from Cassandra! :)

(Thank you Legendpress for sending me this book!)

Genre: Novel
ISBN:  9781785079344

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