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Owl Song at Dawn - Emma Claire Sweeney

Absolutely stunning!

Maeve Maloney is a force to be reckoned with. Despite nearing eighty, she keeps Sea View Lodge just as her parents did during Morecambe's 1950s heyday. But now only her employees and regular guests recognise the tenderness and heartbreak hidden beneath her spikiness. Until, that is, Vincent shows up. Vincent is the last person Maeve wants to see. He is the only man alive to have known her twin sister, Edie. The nightingale to Maeve's crow, the dawn to Maeve's dusk, Edie would have set her sights on the stage all things being equal. But, from birth, things never were. If only Maeve could confront the secret past she shares with Vincent, she might finally see what it means to love and be loved a lesson that her exuberant yet inexplicable twin may have been trying to teach her all along.

My thoughts and opinion:
The book is telling Maeve Maloney's story. She's an 80 year old woman who's running a lodge that crates disabled people. Throughout the book and mostly letter you'll find out about her twin sister Edie. Edie, who is now deceased, was disabled as well and the story explains the ups and downs of living with someone who might be a "fault" in societies eyes.

I think the books was well written. It gave you a nice insight on how everything but most importantly disabled people were treated in the 1950s. I personally know someone who's disabled as well and know just too well that - even though a lot has changed since then - you still get weird looks from certain people. Emma Claire Sweeney however has put such a lovely book together that combines grief, loss, love and laughter. I can highly recommend it!

Thank you so much Legend Press for sending me this book <3

Genre: Novel / Non-Fiction
ISBN:  9781785079672

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